Are you tired of losing races? Want to beat out that guy who keeps humiliating you publicly? Want to just trim a few seconds off your fastest time? Follow the tips below, they will help make you into a solid racer if you understand and heed their advice.

The goal of these strategy tips is to even the playing field so that everyone can race a bit better, and Spark Racing veterans won't have an unattainably mystical advantage. And even if you still can't catch up to them, at least you'll be able to know why they're better than you!

Before you Leap

New racers tend to pick the easiest-looking path through a raceway, but falling into this habit can be devastating to your performance. Many raceways are made specifically with areas to mislead or to trick you into thinking that you'll make better time, but in reality they may slow you down or impede your progress altogether. This is why you should always keep your eyes on the track in front of you, and not directly on your ship.

Straight is Faster

When dodging traps and obstacles, you will naturally find yourself sometimes cutting crosswise or diagonally in relation to the direction of the conveyer belts. The key to greater speed, however, is to maintain a uni-directional motion as much of the time as possible. When you move in the direction of the belts, and only that direction, you maintain the fastest possible speed. When you drift diagonally across the belts, you ultimately slow yourself down.

On Cutting Corners

Many racers who are starting out feel that cutting corners helps them to get a leg up on opponents. While this may be true for those who know how to do it correctly, it's very hard to pull off for a newer racer. One must first take into account which conveyer track that you are approaching the corner in (i.e. inside or outside), and time your turn perfectly.

The main thing to watch out for is bumping the inside wall as you round the turn, which slows you down considerably, putting you at a slight disadvantage. While you may not feel like this affects your racing performance much, in the long run your times will suffer greatly, because all those fractions of a second add up to something in the end.

Try, Try Again

You've all heard the ditty, and it applies here as well as anywhere else. If you don't think you'll succeed, keep on going, keep on trying. Eventually you'll get to the finish line! Nothing is less satisfying than exiting mid-race and wasting all the effort you've already invested into completing it! Remember, nobody but you can make you any better, so keep on trying!

Another reason to keep on going after you want to quit, is because if you don't practice the end of the race, it doesn't matter how good you are at the beginning, you'll continue to mess up at the end. Think of it like a chess Grandmaster with extremely powerful openings, but a weak endgame. The end is often the most important part, so don't cheat yourself! Finish every time!


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