SRL Staff

The staff for Spark Racing League have a history of helping the community by creating websites, running tournaments and leagues, helping newbies, and just in general making the Spark community a better place so that all can enjoy it! To join the SRL Staff, email and we'll get back to you.

Gold - SRL President

This gentleman has been President of Spark Racing League since late 2010. Also the map design lead for SRL, Gold has been playing Spark for three years, and is regarded as one of the best Sparkers ever at Mission Impossible maps. He is currently in the clan iŁogic, and his past clans include BMB. Gold created the maps PrisonBreak and GoldRush, and is an invaluable addition to Spark Racing League.

RC - Coder, President Emeritus

Also the creator of Spark Realm, RC played Spark for over eight years. He was the co-founder and leader of BMB, and over the years also graced the clans MyStIc, Area51, and NoF with his presence. He's also a map designer for Spark Racing League, having created CrazyMaze and Destiny. An avid community supporter, he has also helped with leagues such as SPL, SSL, USL, and ISL.

oTaCon - Head Referee

The co-leader of the clan iŁogic with his twin brother Atr3yu, oTaCon is a very fast racer with over a decade of experience. He has been playing for eleven years, and is a force to be reckoned with. He's a former member of clans such as BMB, DGA, tA, JEDI, 1up, and pV, and has helped with various leagues including SPL, USL, UAL, and ACL. oTaCon also created the Spark Design Guild in early 2010.