SRL Rules

I. Sportsmanship - Sportsmanship is the key to happiness and having a fun time in any Spark league. Public displays of enmity, overzealous profanity and/or insults (racial or otherwise) are disallowed from SRL. Be sportsmanlike and congratulate your fellow racers after a race is over, and be encouraging to the slower ones ;) We can (and will) all have fun if we all display the proper sportsmanship!
II. Spectating - Players not racing must spectate in spectate mode. Don't go on the opposite team and try killing the racers. This is Game-Altering Behavior (See VIII). You will be immediately kicked from the server, banned from spectating any SRL races, and further disciplinary action may be meted out by the Spark Admins.
III. Starting Races - Races will start with the head ref restarting the map, and every player holding down the appropriate directional arrow key, so that they all start at the same time (according to the server restart). This is the fairest way we can conceivably do this. Each race will be restarted thrice, and time will begin upon the third restart. Pay attention during pre-game, as we will NOT be waiting until everyone is 'ready.' We assume that once you join the server that you are ready and paying attention. If you are left in the pen when the race begins, tough luck. But stick around—there may be a few more races yet.
IV. Mid-Race Behavior - Do's and Dont's - You MAY shoot lasers. You MAY shoot rockets. You MAY shoot grenades. You MAY shoot bouncies. You MAY shoot any combination of the aforementioned weapons, at any rate of speed you desire. You MAY cycle through your specials repeatedly. You MAY yell at your monitor and/or bang your head against your keyboard (Warning: Adverse racing performance may result from the latter). You MAY type insulting comments while racing if you are gifted enough to do so. -- You MAY NOT drift around corners. You MAY NOT leave skidmarks on the racetracks. You MAY NOT crash into another player's tank out of anger. You MAY NOT crash into another player's tank for any reason. You MAY NOT drive through the bushes. You MAY NOT throw cigarette butts out your tank's windows and onto the track.
V. Finishing Races - Everyone's lag is different, so to determine who completed a race first, we use the game mechanic of picking up a flag. To complete a race, cross the checkered flag finish line, and grab a flag, and your name will be recorded in the proper place.
V.i. Dropping Flags - Once you grab a flag, DROP IT IMMEDIATELY so that other players can pick it up and we can record their finishing place. If you do not drop a flag, this is Game-Altering Behavior (See VIII).
V.ii. Close Finishes - If there is a 'photo finish' situation where both you and opponent are finishing very close to each other, try to grab different flags so that we can time each of you accurately. Just go for another one, so that you don't miss out on picking it up due to lag issues. Everyone sees something a little different, so you may think you'll be the first to pick it up, but such may not be the case. So to save yourself and everyone else a bit of grief, go for separate flags in photo finishes. Each racer's finishing place will be figured out by who picks up a flag first.
VI. Post-Finish Behavior - Once you've dropped your flag and the referee has recorded your finishing place, traverse the conveyer belt perpendicular to the finishing stretch, onto the portals in the small box. This will teleport you back to the starting line. Do not type a lot, this could make it harder for the SRL Staff to see who finished in what place during a close finish.
VII. Scoring - SRL has its own way of scoring each racer for each race. This calculation brings into account the finishing place of the racer, the difference between finishing players' times, and the overall length and difficulty of the racetrack. These values are all calculated together into one point score per race. The winner of mini-tournaments will be the racer with the highest point score, not the racer with the most wins. (i.e. a player with two 1st place finishes and two absences will probably not beat a racer with four 2nd place finishes and no missed races).
VIII. Cheating and/or Game-Altering Behavior - If a player cheats in any way, they will be immediately banned from Spark Racing League. If a player displays game-altering behavior, the punishment will fit the crime (and they probably won't like it). This includes suspension from the league, either for a number of games or for the duration of the remainder of the league. Any discipline will be run through the SRL Staff committee, but any player disrupting a race through game-altering behavior will be immediately kicked from the server.
IX. Disconnects - When a player is disconnected from a game unintentionally, any progress thus far will be voided, and the racer will have to race at a different time. If you're having trouble, instead of leaving, just stick with it and finish the race. It's always better to score SOME points for a race than to score NONE. Winners never quit, and quitters never win!