SRL Maps

The maps for Spark Racing League are a mixture of old and new maps, and have been thoroughly play-tested and fine-tuned to offer the best racing experience possible for our loyal contestants. If you're interested in creating a map for Spark Racing League, please contact one of the Staff members on the SRL Forums.

SRL*Swift created by Weebo, Warr & WackoKid
Swift is the Golden Oldie of racing maps. Created by Weebo, Warr & WackoKid, Swift has been around for years and years, created long ago by the sage racers of our age. Tested by the sands of time, this is still the most popular race map to date. MapShot | Download

SRL*CrazyMaze created by RC
A twisted maze of tight turns, traps, loops and dead ends, created by RC. Don't expect to finish in under twenty minutes! Just remember, though you may not think you'll make it through, keep racing, because (contrary to popular belief) it's not endless! MapShot | Download

SRL*GoldRush created by Gold
An entirely original race map by Gold. This is probably one of the most well-rounded, fun-looking race tracks I have ever seen, and will probably be a crowd favorite. There are many new kinds of challenging obstacles, and this racetrack is amazingly well-crafted! MapShot | Download

SRL*PrisonBreak created by Gold
Another original racetrack created by Gold. You have been locked in prison for as long as you can remember. But you have broken out of your cell and are eager to see the light of day again! Navigate the twists and turns of the prison to escape to your freedom! MapShot | Download

SRL*Spiral created by SingleThreat & Gold
A solid new map by one of our newer referees, SingleThreat, Spiral is a shorter map that caters to less experienced racers. Follow the trail through the forest and try to find your way out, but take care or you'll find yourself walking in circles! MapShot | Download

SRL*Grounds created by Gold
When the need became clear for shorter, easier maps to be made, Gold stepped up and made a very easy map that takes only a few minutes to complete. This map is a great starting spot for the blossoming new racer to test their skills against other new racers! MapShot | Download