Spark Racing League

Spark Racing League is an every-man-for-himself league where players race from start to finish on specially-crafted raceways as fast as possible! The 'skill' factor that accompanies most leagues does not affect you here; anyone can play and be competitive in Spark Racing League! Victory depends only on the dexterity of your fingers, the speed of your mind, whether you can avoid the deadly traps, and how quick you can take the curves! Welcome to Spark Racing League!

There is a Light

posted by RC on 13 October 2011

There is always a Light at the end of the tunnel.

Even if the tunnel seems longer than CrazyMaze.


Well... what now?

posted by RC on 10 August 2011

Well, it looks like Turbo's stepped down not only from CTA, but from Spark entirely. He recently resigned his position as Spark's head admin to pursue more important things such as playing cricket, croquet, and last but not least, knitting (just kidding, he decided real life was more important than a computer game, which is completely understandable).

Unfortunately though, it is unclear if any of the awesome things he had in store for Spark will ever be fully realized in his absence. All we can do is hope that whoever's filling his shoes will have the guts and means and spirit to continue what Turbo promised he was starting: A reform of Spark, and the way it's run. Personally, I'm not too optimistic about anyone stepping up in that magnitude in the near future, because Turbo was without a doubt a uniquely motivated and motivating individual, but there may yet be someone who can surprise us.

As for how soon this unknown individual will step up and continue the trek toward the realization of Turbo's ambitious aspirations... well, we'll see. We wish Turbo good luck and Godspeed him on his journey towards personal enlightenment.


Watching, waiting...

posted by RC on 25 June 2011

The creator and founder of the Certified Tournament Administration has stepped down, in order to more efficiently and productively manage the administration of Spark. In particular, we would like to see the development of a Racing Mode for Spark. There has already been an addition of Assassin Mode, and plenty of other changes to the game, but we have yet to see any support for our beloved hobby.

Either way, we wish him well in his endeavours, and we will be watching, and waiting for the change he has promised! Good luck, Turbo!


What Dreams Are Made Of

posted by RC on 26 May 2011

Back in the olden golden days, ARCers could join servers left and right, Madwars, Basewarz, Smear, CanVsUsa, you name it. There was always a wait time to get into the most popular servers, and you had to wait for the red 16/16 or 20/20 to pop down to a white 15/16 or 19/20 for about a quarter of a second before somebody else was in the game, having double-clicked on it non-stop for the last fifteen minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen, it was truly a golden age. Nobody used to worry about attracting newbies to the game, because name registration had been turned off by "the man" years ago, and all anyone worried about was being the best smurf out there. Names were traded, bought, and sold, and became a precious commodity. Community experience was enhanced by knowing that the game might die at any time. You never knew when "the man" was going to pull the plug.

And so I tip my hat to those days, to those glorious fun times of old, which were just as chaotic, just as anarchic, and players had more things to laugh about.



Under New Management

posted by RC on 20 January 2011

As should be quite obvious by now, if you're at all active in the Spark lobby and/or forums: I've made the choice to leave Spark. Overall, this was both an easy and a hard choice. I was just seeing too little development on the game compared to time waited. Some things have gotten better, but overall the game still has some of the same basic flaws, the most egregious being that there is almost no way for a newbie to get on for the first time and have an enjoyable initial experience playing Spark.

Only a select few of the community were actively working to change that, and to them, I give my thanks and appreciation. I don't want to mention any names, because I'm afraid that I will forget someone, and I don't want anyone I forgot to think that I didn't appreciate them. I had a lot of fun with you guys over the years, and what with running BMB and SRL and Spark Realm and SWAT and Spark Faces, I've had quite a few enjoyable experiences of my own. But I must now pass on to a different stage of life.

Consequently, I am hereby handing the reins of Spark Racing League to Gold. I will still support him in his endeavours, and I will still probably be pounding away on the website from time to time, but I will no longer take active part in running the league on a day to day basis. Congrats and good luck, Gold!